Platinum Aviation Detailing LLC

Platinum Aviation Detailing LLC

About Us

About Us
Welcome To Platinum Aviation Detailing LLC

Serving the Southeastern US

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Platinum Aviation Detailing offers quality aircraft detailing services in the Southeastern US.
Combined expertise in welding and auto detailing, certified in aviation detailing and paint protection, which allowed me to develop cutting edge detailing programs and techniques to keep your aircraft in top shape. 
P.A.D. ( Platinum Aviation Detailing) take pride in the work and I look forward to serving you! 
“ Back in 2017, I saw a need for a high quality aircraft detailing service in the area and the idea for Platinum Aviation Detailing formerly Island Aviation Detailing was born.  I pursued specialized training and earned professional certification, purchased space and equipment to serve the clients in a way I envisioned. I couldn’t be more excited!”
Selvin Lewis, 
High quality,
certified aircraft
detailing services
Why choose us

Why Choose Us

Unrivaled expertise and professionalism

  • P.A.D. focus exclusively on detailing aircraft.
  • P.A.D. believe aircraft detailing is more than just cleaning! P.A.D. extend the life of your aircraft by preserving paint and save you money on fuel by using exterior detailing techniques that reduce drag.
  • I am certified in aircraft detailing and knows the latest techniques in cleaning, Paint Rejuvenation , etc.
  • P.A.D. strive to provide a stress-free, easy to completion checklists, to local activity guidelines. You will enjoy your experience with Platinum Aviation Detailing LLC. 
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